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1-day divorce could become an option in New Jersey

Divorce is often characterized as a long and painful process that can leave anyone involved with emotional pain. However, one option that is being tested in the Southwest may allow couples to finalize their divorce in one day. Although there are certain requirements that each couple must meet, the divorce may help many separate quickly. If the process works well there it may become available for New Jersey residents.

The new process, which is only taking place in certain courts, does not actually last one day. Couples must file certain paperwork beforehand, and their divorce cannot be too complicated. The specific qualifications vary, but if couples qualify it can simplify the court time as well as shorten the waiting period.

Although these courts are the only courts with one-day divorces, many states already offer simplified versions of divorce for couples. If the one-day divorces are a success, these programs that are already in place could act as a stepping stone for other states to offer the one day divorces. Although these types of divorces can be a good idea for some couples, others will still need the full process.

Couples with children or wealth may be too complicated for these types of divorces. This means that many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere will have to go through the more typical divorce process, including each seeking legal counsel for themselves, instead of a shorter option. Although this can be painful, if the couple handles certain aspects properly, the divorce can often go much more smoothly than anticipated and individuals can move on to their new lives.

Source: Palisade Hudson, "Who Benefits From 'One-Day Divorce?'", Larry M. Elkin, June 17, 2014

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