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Making the decision to go to a New Jersey divorce court

Divorce can be a difficult experience for everyone involved, and the outcome obviously affects life after the divorce. This could be the reason that nearly 95 percent of all divorce cases are settled without having to go to court. Unfortunately, some New Jersey couples may be facing the decision about whether to go to court.

Making the decision to stop negotiations and have a judge decide the issues can be difficult. It may not be beneficial to make the decision based on emotions. Negotiations can be tough, and it will not always be easy to come to an agreement, but that does not mean it will not happen. At what point, however, it may become futile to try to resolve the issues without the help of the court.

Of course, it becomes obvious very quickly in some cases that court intervention is the only way the issues between the parties will be resolved. When one or both parties refuse to even attempt to compromise on important issues, such as child custody arrangements and spousal support, any attempt to come to an agreement might only serve to further polarize the positions of the parties. Taking a divorce case into a New Jersey court can be stressful and expensive.

Sometimes, however, the stakes are high enough that it simply has to be done. The ability to compromise serves the parties well when it concerns the family china, but not necessarily when it concerns one party's desire to have full custody of the children and to deny the other parent visitation. A myriad of reasons exist for going to court instead of continuing to try to work out a settlement. Neither party should feel they are being forced to accept a divorce settlement just to stay out of court. Sometimes, the stress and expense are worth it.

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