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Online program aims to make divorce easier for New Jersey couples

Divorce can be a difficult for some individuals, but sometimes the hard part is not the actual circumstances but rather the emotions that correspond to the separation. During the process, emotions may arise when the people see each other and have the possibility of complicating the divorce more than finances or other common problems. However, one online company is working to resolve this problem by adding video chat to their repertoire of tools, so that couples in New Jersey and elsewhere can go fully internet-based.

The company has been testing the service but officially released it on their website recently. The tool is focused on potential ex-couples that wish to have their divorce totally on the internet. After the feature was released, almost half of the company's current clients decided to use it and make their divorce totally online.

Many companies have the online option of divorce, but the couple must meet certain requirements. The divorce oftentimes must have little or no major problems involving children and property so that the company is able to carry out the divorce. Few companies are able to take on cases that involve these two factors and successfully complete the divorce.

Unfortunately, some individuals in New Jersey do not have the option of an online divorce due to complications. However, if the right steps are taken by both parties, the divorce can be as painless as possible. Divorce is often a long road to take, but both individuals should remember that there is a new beginning awaiting them at the end.

Source:, Divorce service Wevorce adds video calls to its lineup of mediation tools, Christina Farr, March 17, 2014

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