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New Jersey residents may find affordable insurance after divorce

There are often many reasons for couples to postpone or negate the option of divorce, whether they are finances, children or social issues. However, with the new insurance policies that are being implemented by the federal government, insurance may not be a reason anymore. Hopefully, this will allow New Jersey couples who are not happy anymore to obtain a divorce and move on with their new lives.

Insurance was a major hindrance for some couples who wanted to end their marriage. One huge reason was that, if one spouse was ill or had a serious medical condition, it was often almost impossible for them to find insurance. This meant that they relied on the policy that was already in place for insurance. Another reason was that individual policies were many times costly and unreliable. However, with the Affordable Care Act, many individuals will be able to get insurance, and therefore it is not a reason to stay married.

The ACA means that insurance is not a bargaining tool in a divorce anymore. Before ACA, those who could not work had to make major compromises and sacrifices if they wanted insurance through their ex-spouse. However, now that the ACA is taking effect, there are more affordable options than bargaining.

Hopefully, the ACA will mean that many couples in New Jersey will be able to have an easier divorce. Now that insurance is more affordable, many people will be more comfortable with the idea of separation. This means that many New Jersey residents will be able to move on to new lives and fresh starts.

Source:, Insurance no longer may hinder divorce, Robert Callandra, March 2, 2014

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