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Divorce rate in New Jersey climbs around Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is seen as a holiday of love in the United States. Children give each other candy, teenagers awkwardly fumble through the holiday not really knowing how it all works and New Jersey husbands might rush to the nearest florists for roses after remembering at the last minute to avoid disappointing their spouses. However, a recent study shows that the number of flowers sold is not the only thing that increases as this holiday approaches, but the divorce rate may be increasing as well.

The recent statistics show that divorce roughly increases by an astronomical 40 percent as the holiday of love draws near. Although some of the individuals who end their marriages on Valentine's Day can be hesitant, most still go through with it. One woman even decorated her house in red for her children, even though she was finalizing her divorce on the same day.

Although some are able to be happy on this occasion, others are struggling with their separations. It is reported that the reason for the increased number of divorces is that around Valentine's Day couples often reflect on their relationships. If they do not like what they see, a divorce may follow.

Divorce around Valentine's Day or any other time of the year is a long process that many couples in New Jersey and the rest of the United States will endure. Although the process can be difficult, with qualified legal help, the end result can be rewarding for all who are involved. Hopefully, many couples will have divorces that leave minimal emotional wounds and allow them to move forward with their new lives.

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