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February 2014 Archives

New Jersey couples should communicate with children about divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for children as everything around them changes and their world is turned upside-down. One of their parents is moving out, they do not get to see this parent as much and they may even move themselves. However, if the New Jersey parents take the right steps when telling their children about their divorce, it can make the transition much easier.

Divorce rate in New Jersey climbs around Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is seen as a holiday of love in the United States. Children give each other candy, teenagers awkwardly fumble through the holiday not really knowing how it all works and New Jersey husbands might rush to the nearest florists for roses after remembering at the last minute to avoid disappointing their spouses. However, a recent study shows that the number of flowers sold is not the only thing that increases as this holiday approaches, but the divorce rate may be increasing as well.

Divorce can be emotional, complex process in New Jersey

When divorce occurs, both parties naturally feel hurt and even bitter toward the other person. The situation is particularly emotional because two individuals who once were passionate about one another typically have now become passionate about ditching the relationship and moving on with their lives. The trick is figuring out how they will split their marital assets in the least conflict-ridden way possible. A few tips can help a divorcing individual in New Jersey to keep the divorce process moving smoothly.

New Jersey parents should inform their children about the divorce

Divorce can be a difficult process for the individuals who are trying to separate and start their new lives, but if children are involved, the process can be even more difficult to handle. Unfortunately, if a divorce is not handled properly, it can have a lasting impact on the children. However, if parents who are divorcing in New Jersey take the right steps when separating, the pain for everyone can be minimal.