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Divorce may be the best choice for some New Jersey couples

Divorce is not always the preferred option when a couple is having marriage troubles. In fact, many couples in New Jersey will try everything in their power to postpone a divorce, especially if children are involved. This option, however, is not always the best and can actually cause more harm than good to the child.

The major fear for people who are debating on filing for divorce and have children together is that there could be detrimental effects on the child. Unfortunately, this can be the case sometimes when the divorce is not carried out correctly. However, a divorce that is done right can be less painful than a household where the parents cannot stand each other.

Growing up in a toxic environment can leave long-lasting effects on the child -- just like an ugly divorce can. If the parents cannot work things out, it is sometimes better to end the relationship and have a short period of pain than have years of unpleasant social interactions. Though things will be different in the end, it is usually better to end the marriage if it is already toxic and affecting the children.

Sadly, many New Jersey couples unknowingly do not take the right steps when filing for a divorce and end up in a long and painful process. However, if a divorce is carried out correctly, it can be far less painful for the children and parents than living with each other for years after the relationship turns sour. There are people all over the United States who help children and parents get through this process every day.

Source: Huffington Post, Is Demonizing Divorce Justifiable?, Rosalind Sedacca, Dec. 9, 2013

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