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Different ways to divorce in New Jersey

It is often difficult to keep the emotions of loved ones out of the crossfire in a divorce. Depending on the situation, there are different steps that can be taken to try to keep the divorce clean, but these steps do not always work, or are not taken correctly. New Jersey families may be saved months or even years of heartbreak if the couple understands their options for splitting up.

The first way for a couple to separate is through a cooperative divorce, which is where both parties are represented by attorneys who work to negotiate a compromise that each spouse agrees to. The second road is a collaborative divorce, where both parties fully commit to keeping the legal system out of it. Instead, issues are solved in private sessions with help from attorneys, financial experts and psychological experts, who are there to make sure that the collaborative divorce does not bring more harm than good to the family's structure and finances. The third and final way is mediation, which is where the two people meet with only a mediator there to figure out the details themselves. This allows the couple to make the decisions themselves and not leave it up to a judge.

There are a few things to consider when figuring out which method is best suited for a couple's situation. Firstly, do the two people even speak; if not, mediation could be difficult. Secondly, do both parties want to avoid attorney's fees; if so it may be necessary to go with mediation. Finally, do the two people respect each other; if not reaching a compromise without attorneys could be difficult.

Not all situations allow couples to resolve their issues by themselves. Messy divorces occur every day in New Jersey because couples chose to handle their separation the wrong way. Divorce does not have to be a difficult process, but the right steps are the only way to make the situation as painless as possible.

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