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Drops in global adoption may affect some New Jersey residents

There are children all over the world that are waiting to be adopted. Likewise, there are loving families in New Jersey and elsewhere that have been waiting months or even years to adopt one of these children. A recent study suggested that other countries are not allowing as many international adoptions. If this is true, adoption proceedings could become more difficult.

There continue to be children available for adoption all over the world, and those numbers may actually be increasing. Countries like Russia and China are limiting the number of adoptions each year by Americans, while the number of children without parents in their countries is still increasing. One college professor said that she applied to adopt another child from China, but it may be 2017 before she is able to adopt a healthy infant.

The number of outside adoptions has dropped by 50 percent since 2004. The number of adoptions by Americans in 2012 (8,668) was a dramatic drop from the number in 2004 (22,884). The number of international adoptions in 2011 decreased from the number in 2004 by 21,673.

There continues to be a long adoption process for those New Jersey residents seeking to increase add to their family. Adoption is typically a time-consuming legal procedure that is often confusing and sometimes exasperating. Nevertheless, it is a very fulfilling experience for those that are able to navigate the system and persevere. The bets place to start is to gain an understanding of one's rights and responsibilities, particularly when it comes to considering the adoption of a child from another country.

Source: CNN, The decline of international adoption, Kevin Voigt and Sophie Brown, Sept. 16, 2013

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