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New Jersey child support: Parents who owe may get help

As many of our New Jersey readers know, it's unfortunately all too easy in today's economy to unintentionally fall behind in child support payments. One man in another state ordered to pay child support has fallen behind on his payments. He is willing, but his job does not pay him enough. Due to him missing payments, his license has been suspended and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Fortunately for this man, he was able to find help for catching up on his child support payments.

As part of the 2013 Empowerment Day Resource and Job Fair, several agencies set out in an attempt to assist those who owe back child support and help those who are unemployed find jobs. Staff members were available to assist parents and around 30 employers were set up to meet potential job candidates. In this particular man's situation, he sat down with an attorney from the Child Support Enforcement Agency in an attempt to get the warrant lifted.

A judge that was in the same room reviewed the documents and released his warrant. The man was informed by the attorney that he needs to make some type of payment toward his back child support. He was also afforded a new court date, however, if he fails to appear for the court hearing, he could be arrested.

Timely child support payments are essential to cover a child's basic needs. There are times when a New Jersey non-custodial parent is willing, but may fall behind in payments. When faced with this type of situation, parents should remember that they may be able to petition a family law judge to grant a modification in the amount of support they must pay. This can allow them to continue paying at least a portion to ensure the child's welfare and stay out of jail.

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