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Foster care adoption rate increases in New Jersey and elsewhere

Children are currently in foster care all across the United States. Certain companies in New Jersey and elsewhere are trying to pair children with couples who are thinking about adopting, and according to new statistics, it may be working. These statistics show that the adoption of children in foster care increased over the past year.

According to recent statistics 13.1 percent of children who were in foster care in 2012 were adopted. This number increased from the number of adopted children in 2011, which was 12.6 percent. Though these numbers may seem low, when the fact that most children in foster care are trying to get back to their parents or other relatives is considered, the percentage is not as discouraging. An adoption company official stated that although there was increase in the adoption numbers, their job was still far from complete.

In 2007, statistics showed that 1.8 million children had been adopted in the United States. Foster care accounted for 37 percent of those adoptions, while international adoptions took up 25 percent and private domestic adoptions were the other 38 percent. The number of children in foster care grew slightly from 2011 to 2012 with the majority of the children being male and the median age being around eight to nine years old.

Adoption can be a very long process, and some families are almost at the point of giving up. Luckily, there are people in New Jersey and the rest of America who are experienced in adoption, and are happy to help potential families be reunited. They will work with the parents as well as the adoption agency to make sure that the adoption happens as soon as possible so that the family may start a new life together.

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