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Divorce Hotel may help couples in New Jersey and across America

Divorce can seem to bring out the worst of emotions in people and represents the tail end of a relationship gone wrong. One international company is trying to change this, however, and instead want divorce to be a kind of relaxing experience. The company, named Divorce Hotel, is built on the premise that divorce does not have to be ugly; couples can enjoy a weekend at a resort while they cut their marital ties.

Divorce Hotel partners with hotels all across its original nation to give its clients an enjoyable, and paperwork-filled, weekend. Divorce rates vary from about $5,000 to $10,000 in that nation, but in New Jersey and the rest of the United States divorces often reach levels much higher than $10,000. A weekend at the Divorce Hotel only costs about $3,000, though cases with complicated circumstances that require more attention run higher.

A normal weekend begins with the couple checking into a hotel that is a partner of Divorce Hotel and spending the weekend with attorneys, mediators and company staff to make sure that the divorce is finalized at the end of the weekend. The hotel staff are informed about the situation of the couple, and then act accordingly. The founder of the company says that they do have an application process so that couples are not picked if their divorce is too vicious or complex. He said that most couples even enjoy their weekend at the hotel, and come out with a clean divorce.

Most divorces in New Jersey and the rest of America are not a walk in the park, or a weekend at a five-star resort. There are often complications, whether they be child support, child custody or even the division of property. Luckily, the judicial system tries to make it as easy as possible, and if Divorce Hotel is not an option, couples may be able to work to a mutual agreement through mediation or with the help of a family law judge.

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