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New Jersey parents can use civility in dividing parenting time

One of the most common concerns New Jersey couples face when planning a divorce is the impact a split will have on their children. Recently, a news report highlighted the importance of maintaining civility in co-parenting. It is inevitable that children will feel some impact from a divorce, especially when transitions take place surrounding parenting time. However, when parents choose to execute the process of divorce while putting children first, those effects can be minimal.

The news report highlighted an interview with a family therapist and another parent. Parents were encouraged to dismiss personal emotional baggage and concentrate on communicating only about the children and their needs. Unfortunately, it seems maintaining a civil relationship with an ex-spouse for the sake of one's children is often easier said than done.

One divorced mother recommends that parents take a moment to glance at a child's picture prior to returning an e-mail or text that may provoke an emotional response. The family therapist says children need to know parents are emotionally stable and that they'll be safe and taking care of despite the circumstances surrounding a divorce. Another tip suggests that parents may benefit from using an online calendar to keep up with important dates involving the children. Using an online calendar will minimize the opportunity parents have for backlash during communication.

Divorce is difficult. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a divorce, an emotional reaction is almost always invoked. Many New Jersey couples find it beneficial to utilize the services of qualified legal counsel to maintain civility in determining things like the division of parenting time. With a little forethought, divorce can have a minimal impact on children, a fact that will bring peace of mind to most every parent.

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