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New Jersey divorce often includes negotiations

When a couple in New Jersey decides to end their marriage in divorce, they most often enter into negotiations to resolve a host of issues. Among other things, these discussions are intended to reach an agreement to divide the assets that a couple has obtained during a marriage. If former spouses are unable to agree, the court can be asked to make the final division decisions in a divorce.

This may be what is about to occur in a celebrity case that may be of interest to our readers in New Jersey. The case involves the marriage between television star Ashton Kutcher and his estranged wife, actress Demi Moore. At issue, may be some of the money made by the pair in television and movies during their marriage.

Kutcher is the star of the television show Two and a Half Men. He is said to earn as much as $24 million for his work. Moore has made as much as $2 million for movies such as Charlie's Angels Full Throttle. Details of the negotiations and any offer for settlement have not been published.

Deciding to end a marriage in divorce is rarely easy for a couple in New Jersey. This is true regardless of the celebrity status of the spouses. Because of this, it may do well for people in our state to consider completing a full review of all of the family financial documents, as well as the applicable laws governing the family law process. This information can help to ensure a fair and agreeable outcome to any negotiations for the division of property during a divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, "Demi Moore Filing Divorce Papers In Split With Ashton Kutcher," March 6, 2013

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