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New Jersey parents arrested in child support sweep

Child support payments may not always be easy to make, especially if a parent has suffered some type of financial hardship. However, child support is necessary, and the law requires that both parents support their children financially. When a parent is experiencing trouble making their payments, they may need to seek the intervention of the courts.

Several people in the state of New Jersey have been arrested on child support warrants. One woman reportedly owes over $20,000 in past due child support. The 25-year-old woman had two warrants against her for the unpaid amount and was taken to a local jail. Another man was picked up on a child support warrant and owed almost $4,000. The last person picked up during the sweep is behind over $7,000 on his payments.

The multiple arrests were the effort of a local sheriff's office to clean up outstanding child support warrants. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with child support payments, but not paying may result in criminal charges, as evidenced by the recent arrests. If parents can prove a legitimate hardship, they may be able to receive a reduction in their future child support payments.

A child support modification order can help New Jersey parents who are currently struggling financially. Receiving a modification allows parents the opportunity to get back on their feet so they can begin financially supporting their children again. A separation or divorce is emotionally stressful on children. When parents don't receive their court ordered child support, it can add an additional burden on any children involved and the custodial parents who depend on that money.

Source:, "Pittsgrove woman who owes $20,000 in overdue child support arrested, authorities say," Feb. 6, 2013

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