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Sorting out fact versus fiction in a New Jersey divorce

New Jersey couples considering marriage may worry about the statistics concerning marital success. Although this country has a high divorce rate, several myths about a marital separation are actually less grim than they are made out to be. It can be difficult to make a marriage work, but if a couple is delaying a divorce due to custody issues or fears of financial ruin, it may be worth taking the time to fully understand the statistics related to it.

One of the many myths about divorce is the percentage rate. The rate of divorce has actually been in a steady decline for over 30 years. The rate hovers anywhere between 40 and 50 percent, but it is important to remember the rate also tracks those who marry more than once, a factor driving the numbers up. Another myth surrounds the length of second marriages. In fact, the truth is said to be that between 67 and 80 percent of these marriages result in divorce.

Alimony tends to be a sore subject in the state, but many cases never get that far. Alimony is typically based upon whether a spouse was financially dependent upon the other during the span of the marriage. However, even if the spouse wasn't working, courts usually take into consideration the skill-set of the spouse to determine whether they can find a job to provide as well as their spouses has. Such could mean alimony never even comes into play during the divorce.

Custody can also be a touchy issue because many men mistakenly believe the mother will automatically receive custody. However, custody is decided upon a variety of factors and parents will typically end up sharing custody, unless there are extreme circumstances about the parenting ability of the other spouse. Fears about marriage and divorce can be well founded, but New Jersey couples should be aware of fact versus fiction. Many fears are not typically supported by research, but knowing your legal rights concerning such issues is an important factor when considering whether to file.

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