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Facebook evidence can be used in New Jersey child support cases

Facebook has landed another parent in trouble over child support issues. A man involved in a felony child support case reportedly posted pictures alluding to a luxurious lifestyle, in direct odds to the fact he is thousands of dollars behind on his payments. New Jersey parents struggling to make their court ordered payments can request a child support modification if they are able to prove a hardship. However, parents who don't receive timely payments and feel like the other parent may be hiding assets can also take them to court to receive the money they are entitled to.

One of the photos portrays the man holding up a large wad of money. A caption on the picture seems to belie his allegedly dire financial straits. Another picture shows him in at Buckingham Palace. However, the man claims his photos are not a true representation of how he actually lives. He states the palace picture was done with a photo app that allows him to place his image in any background he chooses.

He also claims the money was not necessarily his and he was just using it to take a picture with. The mother of the child seeking the child support believes the money he is holding could have been used to pay down some of the thousands he still owes in support. The man's defense team will likely use the argument that the man is too poor to pay the amount he owes.

Evidence garnered from social media is being used in more child support cases than ever. However, pictures don't always act as a true indicator for how someone is living. In any case, the case is scheduled for a hearing soon so both parties will have the opportunity to be heard. If a New Jersey parent's financial situation has drastically changed since an order was finalized, they can request for it to be modified. However, hiding assets to avoid paying child support can result in serious legal trouble.

Source: ABC Action News, "Facebook photos to be used in case to prove father can pay child support," Kristal Roberts, Dec. 12, 2012

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