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December 2012 Archives

New Jersey family law: Modern Family actress removed from home

New Jersey fans of the show 'Modern Family' may already be following the story of young Ariel Winter. The actress has been embroiled in a family law dispute that resulted in her mother losing custody of her daughter and losing control of the girl's acting career for the foreseeable future. The family has since agreed to seek counseling, but the matter is still far from over.

New Jersey man jailed, unable to pay alimony after divorce

Alimony in the state of New Jersey is a vexing subject for many people required to pay it. One man has been jailed for almost two months because he cannot afford to pay his court-ordered alimony. The man has been charged for 'non-support.' He sought a divorce from his wife last year and was forced to begin paying her the sum of $2,000 per week in alimony.

New Jersey comedian ordered to pay back child support

A nationally known comedian from New Jersey is at the center of a child support dispute. Joe Piscopo has been accused of falling behind on child support payments totaling approximately $30,000. He has now been ordered to pay his ex-wife $10,000 by the end of December. If he fails to pay his required obligation, it could mean the comedian will serve jail time.

Don't spoil the New Jersey holidays with child custody problems

New Jersey parents involved in an ongoing child custody dispute may want to start advanced planning for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year for a variety of reasons, but adding in an acrimonious split and topping it with child custody problems can tip a holiday dinner from lukewarm into explosive. Fortunately, there are options for parents who are required to split up visitation time once the children are out of school for the holidays.