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November 2012 Archives

New Jersey divorce and the possible insurance fallout

New Jersey women may not realize the effect that a divorce can have on their financial situation. New studies, however, show that this uncertainty could have an effect on their health insurance coverage. Research shows that over 100,000 women per year in this country lose their private health insurance after they have gone through a divorce. Even after two years of being divorced, their overall insurance coverage remains at a lower level than before.

New Jersey family law: Couple accused of child deprivation

Matters of child custody can be difficult for New Jersey families and sometimes those matters can be serious enough to end with families battling in a family law court. Other times such an issue could lead to a situation where criminal charges are filed. The former daughter-in-law of a Congressman has been accused of child deprivation after she fled to Mexico with her three sons. When families are involved in family law issues involving delicate custody matters like this one, it can end up in court with both sides battling for the children.

New Jersey man sues over child custody

A New Jersey man is suing the Division of Child Protection and Permanency after claiming that custody of his child is being denied to him. The lawsuit seeks $60 million and alleges that the man's civil and child custody rights have been violated ever since his son was born in 2007. The baby had cocaine in his system at the time of his birth, but the father denies any knowledge of drug use.

New Jersey child support: Legal assistance can help recoup money

New Jersey parents embroiled in child support battles know how frustrating it can be to not receive the money that they and their children are entitled to receive. Such battles can end up in court repeatedly and can sometimes result in criminal charges for the other parent. One man has been jailed after being accused of owing $80,000 in back child support.