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New Jersey divorce: Study shows men drink more after divorce

Couples in New Jersey are aware of how difficult going through a divorce can be. A new study compiled by researchers at one major university examines the drinking habits of both sexes before, during and after a divorce. The results suggest that men who recently divorced were more prone to consume more alcohol than usual, whereas women turned to other things such as food or family as a coping mechanism. In reaching their conclusions, researchers examined data collected from a prior survey, and also interviewed over 100 people.

Average numbers of consumption for married women was nine drinks per month. Divorced women tended to consume only 6.5 drinks. Married men consumed more alcohol in general, but the average number of drinks per month while married was 19.2 and once divorced rose to 21.5. Researchers believe some of the women began drinking after being introduced to alcohol by their husbands.

Some of the women stated that after they were divorced, they no longer had anyone encouraging them to consume alcohol, which could be one of the reasons behind their lower consumption rate following a divorce. Researchers anticipate presenting their findings in an upcoming professional conference, and hope that their research could help younger generations. A divorce can be a challenging time, but there are other coping mechanisms available to help people through the process.

New Jersey residents going through divorce have many options available to them that could help avoid overconsumption of alcohol. Talking with friends and family members or even getting out of the house can take people's minds off of things and help them avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms. Although a divorce brings a multitude of changes in someone's life, using alcohol as a way to get through it could actually cause a new problem and distract individuals from focusing on the prospect of a new and exciting future.

Source:, "Does Your Husband Drive You To Drink? No Worries, You're Not Alone," Connie K. Ho, Aug. 23, 2012

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