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Somerville child support: Parents who hide income risk jail

Many Somerville residents use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. However, now Facebook is making headlines for an entirely different reason. Investigators have tapped the social networking site as a way to gain information about a man who is currently behind on his child support payments.

The 46-year-old man is an apparent fitness buff and has bragged about training celebrities. However, he is also a wanted man and in 2008 was charged with several felony counts for failing to pay child support. He was ordered to pay child support in 1994 for a daughter born the previous year. Records show the man's last payment was made in September of 1996.

The warrant seeking the man's Facebook information claims that parents may hide their incomes in order to avoid paying court ordered child support. In 1996, the man's last place of employment was listed as Gold's Gym. However, the man is over $100,000 behind on his payments and Internet postings show the man is now employed as a personal trainer charging clients a minimum of $100 per hour. Facebook cooperated with the warrant and provided investigators with the man's information on the site including his pictures, IP activity, his friend list, messages and comments. He is still wanted by state officials.

Any time child support is court ordered, parents under the order are required to pay. Hiding income is illegal and can result in criminal action. Any Somerville parent struggling to pay, however, can request a child support modification if they come under a hardship or loss of employment. Someone who hides income to avoid paying risks hurting the children involved and potentially receiving jail time.

Source: JSOnline, "Investigators tap Facebook for details in child support case," John Diedrich, Aug. 3, 2012

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