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New Jersey Asian-Americans seek less domestic violence help

Seeking to leave a violent marriage or relationship in New Jersey can be a tough decision due to fear of physical harm to either them or any children involved. New studies show that Asian-Americans are less likely to seek help or report domestic violence than other demographic groups in this country. There are likely many reasons for these statistics, but one researcher believes it has to do with their culture and how seeking help for the violence could bring shame upon them and even their family.

Also, it is believed there is a lack of domestic violence services that cater to the Asian culture. Whether it's a hotline that can cater to potential language barriers or just one that is understanding of the culture, there appears to be a distinct lack of services for this demographic that can help in this country. Newest data shows that Asian-Americans are four times less likely than other groups to use services established to help domestic violence victims.

Another statistic indicates that these mental health services were used by Asian-Americans in 5.3 percent of cases while Latin Americans utilized them over 14 percent of the time. One theory is that there should be more focus on developing programs that assist Asian-Americans and offer more access to services that could help these victims of domestic violence. Offering such services could potentially offer more of a sense of security to those who are living in fear of seeking out help.

Domestic violence in a marriage or relationship can leave a spouse in fear of leaving. Services in New Jersey exist to help battered spouses successfully leave a physically threatening or emotionally turbulent marriage. Obtaining a protective order may allow the spouse to file divorce proceedings without fear of retaliation or harm. And the right advice may help ease the transition to a fresh start without the fear of violence overshadowing one's life.

Source: Psych Central News, "Asian-Americans Rarely Report Domestic Violence," Rick Nauert, July 17, 2012

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