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Celebrity split: Katie Holmes files for divorce from Tom Cruise

Divorce can be an extraordinarily difficult process to go through, especially when one is in the public eye. One celebrity divorce making the news lately is the recently announced split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Not only are the couple's public images now at stake, but their 6-year-old daughter's future is on the line as well. New Jersey couples who have gone through divorce know just how hard that process can be on any children.

In this particular case, Cruise arguably has more to lose in the public relations realm. Many people still remember the infamous moment when an overly exuberant Cruise jumping up on Oprah's couch and professing his love for Holmes, not to mention his praising of the sometimes controversial religion of Scientology, which leaked in videos not too long after that first incident. News of Katie Holmes filing for divorce after five years of marriage may mean another hit to Cruise's public persona.

Of course, the fact that Holmes filed for divorce in New York, which includes comparative-fault divorce laws, could show that she is seeking some sort of tactical advantage. That state's divorce laws could benefit her during the proceedings, particularly when it comes to potential child custody issues. Some have speculated that the decision to file in New York may relate to her desire to obtain sole custody of the couple's young daughter.

However this divorce shakes out in court, hopefully both parents will be able to keep their daughter's well-being in mind. New Jersey residents who have already gone through divorce understand just how hard it can be to balance their own happiness with the welfare of their children. Of course, whether divorcing couples are famous or not, that should be an important factor as they proceed through the process.

Source: Newsday, "Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes divorce about images, Suri custody," June 30, 2012

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