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July 2012 Archives

New Jersey Asian-Americans seek less domestic violence help

Seeking to leave a violent marriage or relationship in New Jersey can be a tough decision due to fear of physical harm to either them or any children involved. New studies show that Asian-Americans are less likely to seek help or report domestic violence than other demographic groups in this country. There are likely many reasons for these statistics, but one researcher believes it has to do with their culture and how seeking help for the violence could bring shame upon them and even their family.

New Jersey divorce: Avoiding term life insurance policy mistakes

A recent article from the Huffington Post addresses the purchase of term life insurance during the divorce process. This type of insurance is often used to provide financial security to an ex-spouse in instances where alimony or child support are part of the divorce settlement. As with many other aspects of a New Jersey divorce settlement, fulfilling the requirement to purchase tem life insurance typically occurs after the divorce is finalized.

Second New Jersey divorce can hit hard in the pocketbook

Statistics show that those who marry for a second time may have higher odds of divorcing. What most New Jersey residents may not realize, though, is that a second divorce can cause serious financial consequences. Repeat divorce can complicate matters because many people are still financially recovering from the first one.

Celebrity split: Katie Holmes files for divorce from Tom Cruise

Divorce can be an extraordinarily difficult process to go through, especially when one is in the public eye. One celebrity divorce making the news lately is the recently announced split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Not only are the couple's public images now at stake, but their 6-year-old daughter's future is on the line as well. New Jersey couples who have gone through divorce know just how hard that process can be on any children.

Divorce and college expenses: what's the cost?

Children of divorce are affected in many ways after their parents split but now, with skyrocketing tuition costs, they are also suffering in the area of higher education. A study conducted by Rice University and University of Wisconsin professors has shown that children affected by divorce receive only 42 percent of college costs from their parents, versus 77 percent by parents who stay together. These statistics may encourage New Jersey parents to bring up college costs during the property settlement portion of their divorce, no matter how young their children may be.