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Military divorce can occur due to unrealistic expectations

Defense Department records show the current military divorce rate in New Jersey and around the rest of the nation continues to escalate. In 2001, the divorce rate was 2.6 percent. In 2011, the divorce rate jumped to 3.7 percent, and if current studies are accurate, these rates will continue to climb. Couples divorce for many reasons, but one Navy wife has shared her story about what ultimately led to the demise of her military marriage.

While she does not blame the military lifestyle for her divorce, she does blame the expectations her Navy husband had of her when it came to living that lifestyle. While initially her professional career was okay with him, as time wore on it became evident that he wanted her to do what most other military wives did: lay aside her career, take care of the home and focus solely on being a Navy wife.

What resulted were arguments and the inability to compromise, eventually leading to the divorce. However, what was interesting in this case is the fact that the man was deployed to Afghanistan during the divorce proceedings. The separation resulted in distance that helped her come to terms with the grief and anger of the divorce.

While the woman doesn't blame the military lifestyle for their separation, she did blame the failure to discuss expectations of the lifestyle between them. Military couples in New Jersey may have different outcomes than this, as divorce can be brought on by various factors within the relationship.

Source: Huffington Post, "Military Divorce: What It's Like To Split From Your Military Spouse," Natasha Burton, May 28, 2012

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