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Child custody case over visitation rights results in father's victory

Parents in New Jersey may be interested in a recent news story covering a lengthy child custody case. The case has garnered national attention and finally appears to be close to resolution. A man who had his parental rights stripped and began a bitter child custody battle has finally gained the right to see his daughter again.

The case began when the man and his daughter's mother ended their relationship. The mother moved to another state and allowed her brother to adopt the child. When the man attempted to bring the battle to the state she was living in, the case ended with his parental rights stripped away.

The couple was living in Colorado before she moved to Utah with the daughter. According to experts, the state of Utah tends to heavily favor birth mothers and when a custody battle is attempted, the fathers are said to have little chance of success. The man finally received a break when the Utah Supreme Court overturned a prior court's ruling, resulting in the case being sent back to the state of Colorado for resolution. Both parents were given the right of visitation, and arrangements were ordered to have the child be tested to ensure she is able to handle visiting with both parents, especially since the father had not seen his daughter in several years.

This battle has been followed across the nation, as fathers and others waited to see if the courts would rule in his favor. The resolution has given hope to parents in New Jersey and elsewhere who are currently embroiled in child custody battles. Although the man still has a long road ahead of him to gain custody of his daughter, he was able to use the legal system to his advantage and win the right to see his child.

Source: KDVR, "Unmarried father wins visitation rights in custody battle," Jon Bowman, April 27, 2012

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