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May 2012 Archives

Native American women work toward domestic violence reform

Most New Jersey women know that when domestic violence becomes an issue within a marriage, a phone call to the police is normally a quick, effective solution to the problem at hand. However, Native American women living on tribal lands, under the jurisdiction of tribal law enforcement, do not have the same right to make that call. While they can certainly report domestic violence crimes within their marriages, if they happen to be married to someone who is non-Native American, the crime cannot be prosecuted by tribal courts.

Uphill battle probable for woman in child custody dispute

New Jersey mothers involved in child custody battles may be interested in a current story involving a mom seeking the return of her young daughter from overseas. The woman believes that her husband is violating a court order requiring him to bring her daughter home and should be held in contempt. The parents in this child custody battle are still married but the husband claims he is pursuing a divorce.

Realistically assess financial health during a divorce

A divorce is never easy on New Jersey families. People can face emotional challenges and a serious breakdown in communication when going through the process. However, many people do not think about the financial complications that can arise both during and after the divorce. Taking the time to properly prepare for the divorce and also a financial separation from a partner can save both parties time and money in the future.

Child custody case over visitation rights results in father's victory

Parents in New Jersey may be interested in a recent news story covering a lengthy child custody case. The case has garnered national attention and finally appears to be close to resolution. A man who had his parental rights stripped and began a bitter child custody battle has finally gained the right to see his daughter again.

Divorce finalized for "Dog Whisperer"

New Jersey fans of "The Dog Whisperer" may be interested to know that the divorce battle between Cesar Millan and his ex-wife has come to an end. After a nearly two-year struggle, they both were able to recently come to an agreement. It outlines many of the central issues of the divorce, including alimony and child support payments.