Somerset County Mediation Attorneys

In some cases, the parties to a divorce or people embroiled in any kind of family law conflict may be able to come together in a cooperative manner to work through the details of their situation with the assistance of a trained mediator. Not only does mediation avoid the significant expense and conflict associated with traditional divorce litigation, it also empowers the parties to exercise the greatest amount of direct control over the ultimate resolution of their matter.

For those individuals and clients who are looking for a more amicable resolution and who are seeking to resolve their dispute through mediation instead of litigation we can help at the Lane Mediation Center.

The attorneys of Lane & Lane, LLC, have more than 40 years of combined experience handling divorce cases throughout central New Jersey. We are proud of our experience in and out of the courthouse, as well as our mediation experience. Call us at 908-524-0788 to find out how we can help you. Steven R. Lane, Esq., is a court appointed custody and parenting time mediator.

Why Choose Mediation?

The goal of mediation is to provide the parties the power of self-determination regarding all family law issues, including property division, support and child custody issues inherent in their divorce. In addition to being less expensive and less acrimonious than traditional litigation, the mediation process allows the parties to more directly control the resolution of these critical aspects of their lives, their finances and their children's stability.

The Benefits of Mediation

Family mediation is significantly more cost-effective than litigation. Mediation is often less adversarial with an atmosphere of compromise and cooperation. Moreover, mediation is non-binding and confidential. Statements made during mediation cannot be used during subsequent divorce litigation if the parties cannot arrive at settlement. Mediation is a risk-free process that may allow the parties to avoid a divorce trial if they are successful in reaching an agreement. Often the parties are able to resolve some issues utilizing mediation.

In cases involving children, the cooperative dynamic of divorce mediation can dramatically reduce or eliminate the contentious and hostile interactions between divorcing parents, allowing children to adjust more easily to the new family structure.

We Know How to Use Mediation Effectively

In mediation, the parties can still seek independent legal advice from one of our mediation lawyers during the mediation process or we can represent you at the mediation session. Steven Lane also serves as a court-appointed custody and parenting-time mediator. Similarly, the parties can also choose to other financial professionals to help clarify more asset distribution issues. Often those professionals prepare a report regarding real estate, pension and business valuation.

We Are New Jersey Mediators and Lawyers Ready to Help You

Send an e-mail or call our Somerville, New Jersey, office at 908-524-0788 today to learn more about mediation and how we can help you use this alternative dispute resolution method for your matter. We help people throughout central New Jersey including Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex and Monmouth counties as well as Sussex, bergan, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Union, Ocean, Mercer and Burlington Counties.