Child Support

When Children Are Part of a Divorce

Our approach to child support is to ask parents to focus on what is best for the children. The children are already feeling stress from the separation. Additional stress for them should be avoided. Our goal is to help establish child support consistent with New Jersey law.

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We Can Help Right From the Start

For the majority of cases, New Jersey determines child support utilizing the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines by calculating both parents' income and deductions, parenting time, work related child care costs, as well as other add-ons and factors. An experienced lawyer can help you gather the right financial, tax, child care and health care insurance information to calculate child support and, if necessary properly prepare for your support hearing. The proper information and representation can help in ensuring you pay or receive the right amount.

Other child related issues to consider are:

  • Child care expenses
  • College expenses
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Tax-dependent status

Modifying the Amount of Child Support When Circumstances Change

To modify the amount you pay or receive, the process is similar to the initial child support determination process. You must apply to the Court and request a modification hearing or conference. An experienced family law attorney is vital to help you present your best case.

In addition, you have the right to periodic reviews and cost of living adjustments.

There Is No Automatic Emancipation at Age 18 in New Jersey

The time when a child becomes emancipated is not the age of majority and is fact sensitive. An analysis of the child's status and dependence is required in New Jersey.

Nonpayment Issues

Nonpayment of Court-Ordered Child Support, may result in incarceration, or other actions including income withholding. If you need to enforce a Child Support Obligation or if you are having trouble meeting your Support Obligations it is essential that you speak with experienced Family Law Attorneys. Call our Somerville, New Jersey, office at 908-524-0788 to discuss your matter.

Legal Help Can Make a Difference

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